“I’d like to debunk the myth that Brits all have bad teeth!” 10 Questions With Paul Diello

Award winning singer/songwriter Paul Diello has released two solo albums, seven singles and has toured extensively across the UK, Europe and America. He has supported artists such as Texas, Jarvis Cocker and Nick Harper and is also the lead vocalist in acoustic duo Under The Ivy. He performed his self written show Epicene, a gender blending celebration of iconic women in music to sold out audiences at LGBTQ+ events and arts festivals across the UK from 2017-2020 and 2021 will see the release of his visual album Make Heaven Motherland on May 28th.

We had the chance to sit down with British Singer-Songwriter Paul Diello to play 10 questions! Check out the single below!

Primrose Reggie – How long have you been performing?

Paul Diello – I’ve been performing in one way or another my whole life really. My brother and I used to put on shows when we were kids. We’d make up songs and sketches and perform them for our family. My parents ran a theatre group in our home town and the whole family were involved so I’ve been on the stage my whole life. 

How did your journey with music start?

PD – I have always been obsessed with music, I grew up in the 80’s & 90’s and was totally into electronic pop music. It wasn’t just the music, I loved the glamour! I really wanted to be a pop star and be on the cover of magazines! I would collect everything and read all there was to read about my favourite artists. I was always singing at home, I could basically sing harmonies before I could talk! I always sang but I was quite shy singing in public, when I was performing at my mother’s theatre company she used to have to turn the mic up really loud as I sang so quietly. But I really found my voice when I was about 17. I had been writing songs for a while and I had just been introduced to Jefferson Airplane, so I started to channel my inner Grace Slick and this loud, confident voice came booming out! 

What was the trigger point that made you decide to pursue music as a career?

PD – I always knew I would pursue a career in the arts, I thought maybe I wanted to be an actor when I was younger but I guess it was around the time I found my new confidence in singing at 17 that I knew I had to do this forever! 

If you weren’t a musician what would you be doing?

PD – I’ve really got into film editing in the last few years, I edit a lot of my music videos and I’ve edited work for other artists, I could see myself being an editor or working with visual arts if it wasn’t the music. 

Any advice for up and coming young performers?

PD – Make things happen for yourself. The industry is saturated and it can be so incredibly disheartening sending countless emails trying to get yourself heard. Start your own music night, speak to local venues, book your favourite local acts, and save a slot for yourself. Get your name out there locally first, you’ll make some great connections and it’s a great way to get things moving without waiting for someone else to give you a break. 

Who were your favorite artists coming up and which of your contemporaries do you recommend folks check out?

PD – My favourite artists growing up were Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Madonna, Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith, lots of strong female artists who wrote from the heart and presented themselves unapologetically. Some of my contemporaries that I recommend your readers check out would be Alan Bonner, he’s a dear friend of mine and an incredibly talented artist. Also Unsung Lilly, a wife and wife duo who have the most amazing vocals and gorgeous songs. 

When working on a single, when do you decide on the instrumentation for the music bed?

PD – When I’m writing music I never really think about whether a song will become a single or not, that usually comes later. I pretty much write all my music on the piano, although I’ve written a few on ukulele recently! Once I’ve got the piano and lyrics down I usually have a good idea of what the instrumentation will be and I’ll write the parts in the studio before I play them to my band. 

If you could collaborate with anyone living, who would it be?

PD – That would have to be Kate Bush. I know the word genius gets used a lot these days but I really believe the word fits her perfectly. It would be a dream come true to work with her, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to keep on dreaming though!

For us United States Folks, what is something you want us to know about England? Or something we should know?

PD – I’ve toured the states a couple of times and people I met along the way seemed to have the idea that all British people are like Hugh Grant or the cast of Downton Abbey, which is definitely not the case! Also I’d like to debunk the myth that Brits all have bad teeth!! 

Where can people find you online? Are you open to collab with folks?

PD – You can find me on Facebook at facebook.com/pauldiellomusic or YouTube at youtube.com/pdiello and yes I’m always up for an interesting collaboration! 

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